Start by marking “Infamous (Chronicles of Nick, #3)” as Want to Read: The world has fallen in love with Nick Gautier and the Dark-Hunters. I started reading this series when I was in the middle of Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. Invincible. (E-Book Available) · # 3 Virgil is hilarious, will he be in anymore books? Virg will How is the Chronicles of Nick related to the Dark-Hunter books ?. Infamous (Chronicles of Nick, book 3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon - book cover, description, publication history.

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    Chronicles Of Nick Book 3

    Infamous: Chronicles of Nick (Chronicles of Nick Book 3) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible. First off, let me say I love Nick. He has always been one of my favorite characters. I also loved this book. And while I would certainly have no problem letting my. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the Chronicles of Nick “The best book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Chronicles of Nick so far.” –Arched Doorway on Instinct “It does.

    Hardcover Published: Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Go to school. Get good grades. Stay out of trouble. That's the mandate for most kids. But Nick Gautier isn't the average teenager. He's a boy with a destiny not even he fully understands.

    The writing were witty as usual, more than the second book I think, so yeah. Love that. But the ending I hate. Damn cliffhanger. Who was it.. I had this feeling that told me Bryanna likes Nick. And Grim Anyway, done for this review.. A good read! Enjoy this one a bunch eventhough the mood was dampened by the realizations that I got tones of assignments to do and school is about to start yet View all 3 comments. Mar 28, Breann rated it really liked it Shelves: If you've read them, then I'm sure you know about where I was when I just had to know all the things about Nick.

    All the things! This series just gets better and better. It's funny, fast paced, full of quirky and fun characters, and there's cameos from the Dark Hunter-verse.

    Once I pick one of these books up, it's hard to put it down. Nick and his friends find themselves in all sorts of shenanigans, onc 4. Nick and his friends find themselves in all sorts of shenanigans, once again. But, more importantly, Nick finds out more about himself and who he is. Oh lawdy, does he find out! Dude has some serious powers, now if he could just figure out how to use them better I don't know.

    I have a bad feeling about them. The side characters are all kinds of awesome, I especially enjoy Kyrian duh!

    He's quickly becoming a top favorite character of mine. Skip this book in the series. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Warning May Contain Course language and many spoilers. Oh and sometimes i may be just yelling at a invisible Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    D Now dont get me wrong i absolutly love this series, so my bashing coming out next means no disrespect to those die hard fans out there, and i know you're there. Okay so so much to say about this book. First, this entire book was just an excuse for character developement. Which brings me to my next point. Nick thoughout this book developed the ability to learn to do things when the story calls for it. Sloppy sloppy work.

    Next the plot changed soo much from where we left off in invincible. Nick gets hurt, and goes to hospital. Nick gets better. This book left too many questions than it answered. Previous book grim-" i must help teach and nurture this child untill he blosoms into a beautiful flower". This book grim- "i must end this childs life in the most painful and horrible was possible".

    The ending of this book was a sad excuse for a cliffhanger. Sherrilyn kenyon, please dont make a book like this one again. But it has a silver lining, heres the some things and in the character developement i liked.

    Archeron- He never changes, he remains constant thoughout the entire thing. Cherise Gautier- you see her change for a mom who only looks at you when you do bad, to someone who genuinely cares, and understands your struggles, from a emotional wreck who could possibly disown you, to a emotional wreck who sort of gets you.

    Kody- Kody becomes this amazing dream girl people wait there entire lives for. Nick Gautier's life becomes more complicated and unbelievable as he realizes he has the potential to become the most evil and destructive creature in the universe. And a few months ago, all he thought he had to worry about was disappointing his mom, wearing tacky shirts and getting beat up at school. Will he be able to keep hold of his humanity or will he lose it all? I am a huge Kenyon fan.

    I'll be upfront about that. I've read her Dark Hunter series for years and became hooked on The League whe Nick Gautier's life becomes more complicated and unbelievable as he realizes he has the potential to become the most evil and destructive creature in the universe. I've read her Dark Hunter series for years and became hooked on The League when it was republished.

    Even with all that I was worried when the first of her young adult series, the Chronicles of Nick: Infinity, came out a 3 years ago. I wasn't sure she would be able to incorporate everything I love about her work into a young adult format, but I was so wrong. All the humor, sarcasm, and style remain; all that is missing is the sex and hey, he's a teen so it's not there yet. From what I've read she intends to have a book in this series for every year of Nick's life up until he became a Dark Hunter, so 10 books to cover ages 14 to I'm not sure she's only going to have 10 books to make that goal.

    The first 3 seem to cover from 14 to While I liked Nick in the Dark Hunter series, he was never my favorite. Now with his own series, you get to know him better and see the background and thoughts behind all the snark.

    I think he may end up becoming my favorite of all her characters. He is smart, has a great if self deprecating humor, and a good heart. That does seem to be her template for heroes though. They are all smart, good looking, snarky, and must overcome a horrible past to be able to accept love. Even with that template, the books never feel formulaic or repetitive. She brings a fresh feel each and every time. She also generally has a lesson or moral to her tales. For parents, the underlying themes are great ones for kids to learn.

    Seldom did it make sense. As her brother would say, 'life isn't a puzzle to be solved. It's an adventure to be savored.

    Let every challenge be a new mountain to climb, not an obstacle to get in your way and stop you. Yeah, it'll be hard, but once you reach the summit of it, you'll be able to see the world for what it really is.

    And at the top, it never seems to have been as difficult a feat to climb there as you first made it out to be. Most of all, you'll know that you beat that mountain, and that you rule it. It does not rule you. I wish more people thought of life like this. Every life, no matter how isolated, touches hundreds of others. It's up to us to decide if those micro connections are positive or negative. But whichever we decide, it does impact the ones we deal with.

    One word can give someone the strength they needed at that moment or it can shred them down to nothing. A single smile can turn a bad moment good. And one wrong outburst or word could be the tiny push that causes someone to slip over the edge into destruction.

    Even when you're tired, smile, and share a few friendly words. Say please and thank you. Be kind. Everyone has bad days and your actions may be the only pleasant thing in that person's day. This is something that hits me whenever I read one of her books. Every time I start thinking life might be looking up it knocks me down and kicks me. When I read one of Kenyon's books, it gives me hope because her characters face so many horrible things, but they keep moving forward through the pain and fear trying to be better people.

    They remind me that what doesn't kill you may hurt a lot, but it still makes you stronger.

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    Did someone swap out the Ms. Kenyon I've been dutifully following? I did not like this book at all. This book was a hot mess for me. Or perhaps this is how it supposed to be since it's a young adult book. If this is what young adult books are supposed to be like, then it's a damn good thing I never had books like this when I was a young adult.

    The characters In this timeline, Cherise is a cunt. There is no other word for her. She also needs to see a shrink because she's obviously bi-polar and also Did someone swap out the Ms. She also needs to see a shrink because she's obviously bi-polar and also passive aggressive. The Cherise in the other timeline is a loving mother who does her best for her son.

    In this one, she's a shrieking harpy. She's the one who stands out most in this book. This book is a clown car. The cast of characters coming out of this storyline is like the circus clown cars where no one is exactly sure how all those clown fit in it and when another one will pop out.

    I can't even list everyone who showed up as a minor part. The plot Everyone wants something from Nick. That is basically what I see. This book is littered with caricatures of concepts which are beaten over our head over and over again.

    Never love a woman; she'll betray you.

    Suicide is the most selfish act in the world. Clockwork Orange syndrome Nick refused to defend himself to please his psychotic mother. These are just to name a few. I honestly don't know what happened here. I love Ms. Kenyon's books. They are usually books that I enjoy because someone is doing there best at a second chance for redemption.

    While this book on the surface seems to be this way, with Nick fighting his in born nature, the entire book leaves me feeling dirty with the sheer amount of malice, teen angst, drama and petty violence. I'm a bit disgusted and quite disappointed.

    The story jumped around and at one point I was wondering if I was tripping acid. From the nether realm to the hospital confrontation of his maternal grandparents and the Fringe At this point, I don't care.

    This book is the last in the series I'm going to read. It just doesn't do it for me. I can't fathom who I can recommend this book to read. View all 12 comments. If I could I would give this book 4. However, while there were many pros, there were some cons as well. It was also as intricate and mysterious as all her books. I don't know how that woman stores so much in her brain, but she is a spectacular story teller.

    Kenyon truly understands emotions and If I could I would give this book 4. Kenyon truly understands emotions and how people think and function. It's impressive how she well she knows pain, loss, fear Cyber bullying was covered, teen suicide was covered, as was inner strength and taking the moral high ground. Infamous is filled with real life lessons, but it is done in a way that isn't preachy or annoying.

    It was thought-provoking and both teens and adults can relate to what is said in this book. Yay Thorn! I felt slightly unfulfilled, like I needed a couple more chapters. I wanted more revealed and less mystery in certain areas.

    Overall I loved Infamous.

    This is the type of book that can touch a lot of readers with its depth and understanding. I can't wait for more. I am so unbelievably obsessed with the complex world Kenyon has created. Mar 16, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: This was another slow story and Nick as once again harassed, beaten, and left for dead, which seems to happen a lot in this series, we were also left with another cliff hanger view spoiler [ who is trying to kill Nick now?? Dec 05, Tangled N Books rated it it was amazing.

    Book 3: New development: Nekoda is now his gf; his dad makes an appearance and learns Cherise was the one who threw him in prison, he may love her. The possibility that Adarian loves Cherise means Nick was conceived by love and natured by love. First for a Malachai. Nick and his mom's relationship is ever so irritating and glad they Book 3: Nick and his mom's relationship is ever so irritating and glad they finally had a yell-fest and got all the hurt and anger out. A hurtful website depicting lies shown at school causes him to end up in the hospital when a student overreacted.

    Nick learns when he's under medical-enduced coma, his spirit drifts into the Nether Realm. Meets Thorn and Bane who protects him and brings him back. Meets grandparents, they're horrible people. He realizes all those he cares about surrounds and grounds him; he is loved by many. Yet clouds of doubt, self hate, and pain consumes him when the next lies throw him into jail.

    He feels the power of malice, understanding his dad for the first time; he could feed on the rage or let it fill him with suicidal thoughts. He ends up in the hospital again after a student's father attacks him.

    Nick falls into the Fringe with Kody when the hospital gives him a sedative and he battles his dad who followed him who severely injures Kody; impaling together by a spear, Malachai blood is poisonous to her.

    Nick bargains with an unknown enemy to save her life. For the first time, Nick has a new future. He knows he will eventually become a Dark-Hunter, that part will not change, but the catalyst has changed. He sees a future where the difference this time, either his girlfriend dies or his mom dies, either one will wreck him.

    Read by Tina Feb 28, Bryanna rated it it was amazing. International bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, returns again to bring forward another spectacular novel that will captivate readers from beginning to end.

    Kenyon has inspired thousands to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. Her stupendous writing has brought fantasy to life where there is no limit to the world of imagination. Infinity, the first book in the series debuted on May 25th, The sharp witty humour was undeniably funny and caught the attention of many young readers along with her supporters of her adult romance series, Dark-Hunters.

    Readers follow their favourite characters, Nick, Nekoda, Bubba, Duck Urine Mark, Caleb, Kyrian, and Acheron through fast-paced, breathtaking adventures from one world to another where danger never seems to be too far behind. In her previous books, readers have learned and discovered more about the world of Dark-Hunters and other demons and creatures. Infamous breaks down the barriers that surround Nick and spin his world out of control. It is vital that Nick retains his humanity as long as possible as the fate of the world is in his hands.

    Nick himself. An unidentified creator has designed a website called, theothersideofStRichards. The website discriminates the whole student body and releases lies and secrets about one another that start to turn everyone against each other.

    Alliances between man, demon, and Dark-Hunter are put to the test. Nick starts to harness his true Malachai power and the past will begin to reveal the actions of others. With the help of this fellow friends and Death himself, can Nick survive the day? When I first saw Infinity on the bookshelves in June , I instantly knew it would be a great read.

    The exquisite colours on the cover contrasted beautifully with each other and immediately reeled me in. However, what really caught my attention was Ms. Kenyon is and will forever be a well renowned author as I had seen her name on posters and frequently in the hands of readers, whether they were walking down the street or either taking the bus to work or school.

    Sherrilyn Kenyon is a fabulous author who can only be described as a genius.

    Infamous, Chronicles of Nick Series : Book 3 by Sherrilyn Kenyon | | Booktopia

    Her magnificent story lines and intoxicating story plots will always keep you on the edge of your seat, gasping for more. Her riveting novels will appeal to everyone and anyone. Infamous will be in bookstores everywhere on March 13th, Be sure to keep your eye open for the fourth book in the Chronicles of Nick series, Inferno in bookstores March 4th, This is Kenyon's third installment of the series Chronicles of Nick and just like her latest book, I did not enjoy this one at all.

    It lacked good action and her characters are not interesting anymore. Nick older, DH version is more interesting than this kid who keeps on getting grounded by his mom. This Nick is just a high-school kid going through puberty and learning about the DH world.

    Some people may like this Nick series, but I don't because I just don't find the kid version of him i This is Kenyon's third installment of the series Chronicles of Nick and just like her latest book, I did not enjoy this one at all. Some people may like this Nick series, but I don't because I just don't find the kid version of him interesting. Caleb, Kody, etc.. Besides, we all know Nick is going to die at some point and become a DH.

    If anything, Kenyon should have made a page on Nick like she did with Acheron and what she's going to do with Styxx I'm pretty sure he's going to get a big book. Nick's series just adds more confusion to everything that's going on right now. We all know who he is and I just can't find him interesting anymore.

    To me, Acheron will always be that little bitch because he rarely stands up for himself. Yes, he may have defeated some people, but it's always the "if I touch him, this this and that will happen".

    It's as if anybody he kills will have an awful consequence. Nick can't die, Jared can't die, Acheron can't die, Artemis can't die, Noir can't die, etc Can I please Acheron kill one of the major douche characters please? Other than that, he'll always be a little bitch. He's annoying. Amiee, Dev, Remi, Wren, etc I don't really care what happens. I am a fan of the DH series because it's very complex.

    You have Gods, Demons, Daimos, Malachai, etc The only interesting characters left so far are Jared, Jaden, Thorn, and Savitor. Once these four have their books written, the DH series is going to have to end UNLESS she continues with completely different witht the children of these characters and everything's switched like the children of the bad guys are good instead of evil; but in that case she would have to give it another name.

    That's another annoying thing too. Kenyon's characters don't know what a condom is. But anyway Final thoughts on this book: That's not to say that I didn't have problems with this book, because I did but I'll get to that later. Someone is causing problems at the school spreading horrible rumors and photo shopping things to make them look real and kids are going nuts.

    The complaint I had with this is I felt it went a bit far as almost everyone was believing them and some of the victims were contemplating horrible ends. That lead to one of my problems with the book and that was the long, drawn out, life lesson narratives!

    And there were way too many of them. The other problem I had was all the comeback lines. I know this is a YA book but it was just overkill and some of them were really cheesy! So let's get to the good parts: Nick is starting to think I also love him and Kody. They are really sweet together and it was interesting how Kody affects Nick but I was surprised at the intensity.

    Obviously I'm a big Ash fan and I just loved that he had a bigger role in this book. So many little interesting facts in this book, most we already knew but it was great hearing them again. Caleb and Grim are two characters that I'm still on the fence about and it's hard liking them and not liking them!

    So, overall a decent addition to the series Favorite quotes: View 2 comments. I can't wait!!! I finished it. And I have nothing to say except that was a pretty good book. Not bad. Yea, that's it. Mar 16, moonchild rated it it was amazing. Again this book never fails to make me laugh , cry , get excited or scared i cant wait to read the next book: Nov 24, BekkAlien rated it it was ok Shelves: What else can I say other that I am addicted to this series? With each new installment, I fall in love all over again!

    So what is new in Nick's world? Oh nothing just himself from the future coming to him to help not mess up for the one hundred million time, all the while every time he turns around he is on the brink of being killed, his mom is on him about his grades and school, plus he has work and a girlfriend he must attend too.

    Nick has been busy! The plot of the book unfold amazingly. W What else can I say other that I am addicted to this series? With an introduction that entices the reader to keep going Nick must watch his every step. I adore how much Nick grew in knowledge. He is much wiser and much more careful with who he trusts.

    Nick has a great set of friends around him who helps him no matter what. I really adore how this book focuses more on Nick relationship with his mom. The reader learns more about his parents, especially about his father. I really loved this part. Infamous is an remarkable story that will capture any reader. With the big decision coming up soon, Nick will have to choose what he will do. Will he lead the word to destruction or will he turn away from fate creating his own destiny? Creative and original, Ms.

    Kenyon has yet again created an amazing story. Infamous is richer than ever! View all 14 comments. This is the most amazing book ever!!!!

    REVIEW: Infamous (Chronicles of Nick, Book 3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

    It's the third book in the Nick Chronical series and is the the best so far. Nick faces all the troubles of school, like his teacher, the principle, Stone, things trying to kill him, and a website posted for the whole school to see that attacks alot of kids including Nick and his friend Briana. He has to go to court because he is accused of rape and also has to save Briana from suicide.

    On top of that he finds a deep secret about his girlfriend Kody that ma This is the most amazing book ever!!!! On top of that he finds a deep secret about his girlfriend Kody that may change them forever. I recomend this book to teens and young adults who are into fiction books with some supernatural stuff.

    The charaters, I believe, are great because they petray who I would choose to fufill the destinys throughout the book. MOD Messenger of Death. Neo- Luddite Someone who knows how to live off grid. They don't have a tech trace that can be run on them.

    Oracles: Squires who confer with the gods, especially the Fates to gather information that is helpful to the Dark-Hunters. The most prominent Oracles are the Lekti who keep the Book of Prophecy where all important events in human history are predicted. It is said even the End of the World is chronicled within its pages. Perityle Demon High-level demon though lower on the scale when compared to other high lollers.

    They have a lot of power, including the ability to time travel. Hard to kill and harder to enslave, they are a vicious breed. Screech Demon Nasty little buggers who let out a cry so shrill, it can drive humans insane.

    It's particularly bad on those with elevated hearing. They are indiscriminate killers and are hunted, then put down by the Strati and Sentinels. It's also a term that the Arcadians use for any strong Katagari fighter, and one they use to justify killing any Katagari they find.

    Star of Ishtaryn Basically, it's demon kryptonite that will weaken or cage any demons who comes into contact with it that includes half bloods.

    It will also weaken any Were-Hunter. A glowing orange stone, it's hard to miss and is often set as a necklace or ring that his owned by a human. Or used by very weak demons against much stronger ones. Strati The Katagaria equivalent to an Arcadian Sentinel, i. Aside from the difference between their subspecies, the Strati do not have the facial markings of the Sentinels.

    The Arcadians refer to them as Slayers, but Slayers to the Katagaria are those who have lost control of their powers and have been driven insane by them. A true Slayer is hunted and put down by the Strati.

    Taahiki demons Third subculture demons with limited powers. They are fetchers sent in to retrieve objects and creatures for their masters.

    They smell terrible and are huge, ugly creatures, with bald heads, talons and Shar-Pei like skin. Tech: Squires who are involved in research and technological fields. They are the ones who conceive and create special toys and who enable Dark-Hunters to communicate with each other.

    The Council: Best described as "taking care of business" this is an elite group that belongs in the deep background of the DH world. No one is sure who the members are or when, where or how The Council started.

    However, all the Squires fall beneath its shadowy control. The Dark-Hunters themselves are beyond their reach or so it's believed. Who are they? We'd all like to know. The only advice I can give you as one Squire to another--when their email shows up in your inbox or you hear that distorted voice on the phone, pay as close attention to it as you would Artemis.

    Never cross the Council. The Malachai The sum of all evil. Born in violence to do violence. At one time, there were thousands of Malachai. But after the first war was fought between the gods, they were all destroyed. All except one.

    Their leader and fiercest warrior who was the original Malachai spawned: Drakon. He is the great-grandfather to Nick. He lived for thousands of years until his son, Teresun Malachai replaced him. In time, Adarian Malachai was born and he, in turn, with the help of Noir, killed his father.

    Adarian spent centuries serving Noir until he was able to break free of Azmodea and reenter the world of Man where he has been hiding ever since. The Malachai are allowed to have children, but only one will inherit the powers of their father.

    The majority of their children never survive childhood and it is said that if a son makes it to age ten, he will then be the one to kill or cause the death of his father, and then assume the full Malachai powers for himself. If, however, he fails, the senior Malachai can then absorb his powers. To date, no Malachai of the thousands born was ever born to a loving mother. Not until Nick Gautier The Squires: Originally known as shield-bearers for the Dark Hunters, we are either hand-picked or born to be their human accomplices.

    We are their eyes, their ears, and at times, their lifeline during the daylight hours. Fiercely loyal, we have sworn our own oath to protect the Dark-Hunters' identities from those who would expose them. In turn, they protect and provide for us. Our network is every bit as complicated as that of the Dark-Hunters' and we have our own way of doing business. Though we're not allowed on hunts, or to pursue the Daimons, we provide a necessary service to our employers.