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    the electronic publication (pdf file), and extracts may be photocopied for personal use . Even where distilling alcohol is prohibited, it is legal to distill with water. COMPLETE. DISTILLER: CONTAINING,. 1. The Method of perform-/ bath the Colour and Fla- ing the various Proceſſes of 'vour of French Brandies. Diſtillation. Revised 2nd Edition. Published December There has never been a book published on the subject of home distillation as comprehensive as this.

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    The Compleat Distiller Pdf

    and proven facts and designs. Download The Compleat Distiller (Revised 2nd Edition) pdf · Read Online The Compleat Distiller (Revised 2nd Edition) pdf. Authors: Nixon & McCaw. This book covers all aspects of small-scale distillation, from first concepts to detailed analysis of the process, dealing solely with facts. The Compleat Distiller, by Nixon and McCaw is widedly regarded as the best book ever about distilling. It contains all the detailed information you need to fully .

    Herstein, F. Given this historical background, Wines and Liquors provides a general overview as well as detailed science on the production of wine and spirits including fermentation, sugars, yeasts, malting, distillation, and even some recipes for cordials. Every aspect is covered, from first principles to a clear explanation of the science behind it all. High yield fermentation techniques are described in detail, offering flexibility with efficiency. Precise details of how to extract essential oils and scents from plant materials are given and methods compared. No myths, no guesswork, just tested and proven facts and designs. Bryce, J.

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    The Compleat Distiller (2nd Edition) - by Nixon and McCaw

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    Please enter a number less than or equal to 2. Select a valid country. I read it cover to cover in 2 days. There is enough chemistry and physics in the book that you may not want to do that but if you don't have this as a reference then you don't have all the information you may need.

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    The money investment will save you far more than you spend on the book down the road. If you have any interest in distillation you should have it!: This book is a must have vor anyone who wants to learn more about distillation. It gave me a few ideas to improve on what I have. Some of the technical math may initially seem complex but it is explained very well, if read thoroughly I'm shure Anyone can figure out the best overall mash and still setup.

    But this book has way more than just scientific equations in it. Most of it is real world information that will ultimately help the end product.

    I think this is a great read for even the most experienced distiller. Making Fine Spirits using simple, easy-to-build gear.

    Commercial Micro Distillery Equipment. Email a friend. Write a Review.

    The Compleat Distiller

    In this case this is not needed because on the Stanless Steel milk can it has a removable lid. The Packing increases the surface area available for alcohol vapors to condense on and will greatly increase the amount of Reflux within the still thus giving you a higher quality final product.

    Commonly used packing material for Reflux stills include stainless steel scrubbing pads, marbles, broken safety glass from an automobile, glass beads or raschig rings. I personally love using Raschig rings because they are easy to remove from the column of the still and they will not corrode. However they can be hard to find locally. You can download them online here.

    My second choice for packing is stainless steel pads which work great and can be downloadd at any hardware store however they can be a pain to remove from the column and can corrode over time.

    Follow these steps to pack your column: Step 1 — Make sure screen on bottom of tower is firmly attached to hold packing in. Step 2 — Add Packing to tower until column is filed to just above the top of the highest cooling tube in the column.

    Step 3 — place cap back on top of column. Heat Source For Your Homemade Reflux Still There are several different options when considering a heat source for your homemade reflux still.

    These include using a stove top, an external propane boiler or a internal electrical immersion heater. Electrical Immersion Heaters — This is the most efficient option in terms of power consumption.

    However it is more difficult to clean and you can only use this type of heater for Sugar Washes. If you were to use an electrical immersion heater in a corn or grain mash you would burn the mash and have a terrible flavor in your moonshine.

    I like to use a garden hose.

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