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    Forza magazine reports on Ferrari automobiles, history, racing, personalities and news. Your best resource on Ferraris, published 8 times a year. The official Ferrari Magazine - GET THE OFFICIAL FERRARI MAGAZINE ON THE ANDROID TABLET! Enjoy the full-print edition also on your tablet: 4 issues per. Features ground-breaking articles and commentaries by the protagonists in the world of Ferrari and high-profile writers on all matters of interest to Ferraristi and.

    The California T, an exciting new convertible model that unites elegance and refinement with great performance, is born. The Ferrari Formula 1 Club allows you to enjoy all the passion of a grand prix weekend from the heart of the Scuderia. How Silicon Valley shapes our world, and why a driver-less car will never catch on as long as there are Ferraris. From road signs to gas stations and motels, the Californian landscape has long inspired the popular arts. Four clients, based in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, tell us why their Ferraris are the perfect accessory for a Californian lifestyle. LA resident Charles runs C4 Global, a corporate communications company, when not out searching for his next classic car. He meets LA-based Ferrari clients on page Sean has worked as a fashion and portrait photographer for the past decade, with sitters including Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts and Emma Watson. Sean shot our fashion story on page For this issue of the Magazine, he shot our LA-based Ferrari clients, beginning on page Rover, Rolls-Royce and Boehringer Ingelheim. A contributor to Top Gear and Octane magazine, he shot the California T for our cover story, beginning on page The Official Ferrari Magazine has taken all reasonable efforts to trace the copyright owners of all works and images and obtain permissions for the works and images reproduced in this magazine. In the event that any of the untraceable copyright owners come forward after publication, The Official Ferrari Magazine will endeavour to rectify the position accordingly.

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    Ferrari, which makes dreams, has no need to sing the praises of the tremendous power of the new turbo engine, or the refinement of the lines, which, although very different, echo those that made its predecessor so extraordinarily successful. Nor do they need to draw attention to the wonderful details and softness of the leather. We let other people do all of that. People whose lifestyle was governed by a special climate, by a landscape rich with its own individual charm and by a way of being in which brilliance and intuition unite with the worlds of glamour and film.

    During the s the unique cars produced by a small Italian manufacturer in Maranello, which always took the lead in motorsport, became a global symbol of an exotic kind of success. To own a Ferrari was the dream of many, but a possibility for only a few. They were too hot, even with the windows open, and, above all, too aerodynamic and closedin for the drivers to be visible behind the wheel as the lucky and much-envied owners. Note also the new wraparoundstyle seats. Right, a view of the new engine, which is completely original and adopts innovative twin turbocharging technology, which helps to avoid turbo lag and guarantees both additional power and a reduction of emissions and consumption.

    Below, details of the Frau leather The Italian driver Luigi Chinetti, who, with a number of major endurance race wins to his credit, moved to the US and established himself as a successful salesman, felt there was a gap in the market for a different type of Ferrari, one that would suit those living on the West Coast. However, the California miracle was born in Modena, thanks to someone who 22 always considered himself a panel beater rather than a genius: Sergio Scaglietti.

    How valuable was his work?

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    It made an irresistible car for those who really wanted to be looked at on Sunset Boulevard. His marketing was instinctive, a way of tailoring the perfect garment for big stars, the one they would have dreamed of. In a convertible was born, with a fast-action retractable hard-top, suitable for all types of use. Not just in terms of looking good, but also for sports use, so much so that at events like the Ferrari Tribute to 1, Miglia or Targa Florio, a host of clients turned up with this model from the start.

    Its name? California, of course. The pleasure of being in that car, in that place and at that time. Indeed, a significant number of those downloading the California were actually downloading a Ferrari for the first time. This phenomenon is being repeated today with the new California T. As with all great successes, what is required is evolution, not revolution.

    What counts, as we said from the start, is the soul inside the model and what that soul transmits. The California T transmits, first and foremost, These pages — with the lower supplementary lights underlining the sensuality of its design, the California T presents a strongly innovative rear shape.

    The rear difuser with its three vents guarantees high levels of aero eficiency, without penalising the drag coeficient 24 the spirit of California, with a design that makes pleasure and enjoyment its first objective. The turbo suggests that Ferrari wanted to make a connection between the return of the forced induction engine in Formula One and the turbocharged road engine.

    Since first appearing in the s, that technology has made incredible advances. The turbo quietly helps by providing so much horsepower and wisely managing consumption and emissions. Visibly wider, softer, more muscular, more graceful, the California T has the virtue of maintaining continuity, while making important changes.

    The same is true of the interior too, with NEW MODEL The California T has all the spirit and charm of its illustrious predecessors seats designed to combine comfort and sportiness, the central bridge that makes the seating area more graceful and functional, and careful research into the comfort of those sitting behind. In conclusion, this is an authentic California, with all the spirit and charm of its illustrious predecessors.

    I even bought one, but after I left the dealership, happy and with the roof down, I stopped at a red light. What with the people who came up to see the car and those who recognised me, there was such a traffic jam that, reluctantly, I turned round and went straight back to the dealer. Listen to Forza's new Formula 1 podcast now! First Among Equals The ultimate faces the most extreme Graduation Day Three longtime Ferrari Challenge racers step up to the world of professional racing.

    The Genesis of a Culture Hero Griff Borgeson looks at the fires that burned within the young Enzo, and the powerful forces that drove the mature Ferrari to act out his dream on the world stage.


    Power Corrupts! Grab and Go Looking for a Ferrari to use every day? All Good Things More than 50 years after its last race, this Mondial is about to return to competition. The Experiment New rules forced Ferrari to try a different approach to race-car design. Keepers of Greatness A Vietnamese emperor and a French textile magnate created and preserved this unique Ferrari.

    Second Life After being written off by an insurance company, this Challenge Stradale was rebuilt and returned to the street. The Dream downloading this Enzo was just the first step.

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