Russe - Guide de conversation (Guide de conversation Assimil) eBook: Victoria Melnikova-Suchet: Kindle-Shop. First 7 lessons for free! *** days to dialogue in a new language with Europe's top language-learning method for beginners or false beginners. By studying. Comme de nombreuses autres langues slaves, le russe utilise l'alphabet cyrillique, écriture introduite au moment de l'évangélisation de la Russie par les.

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    Assimil Russe Ebook

    Assimil Book English for Russian speakers (Russian Edition) [Assimil] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Assimil method for teaching. Ebook Assimil Superpack Perfectionnement Russe (livre+4CD audio+1CD mp3) Advanced. Russian for French speakers) (Russian Edition) by by Assimil. ASSIMIL privilégie l'apprentissage des langues par l'intuition en conjuguant souplesse, humour et autonomie Plus de Langues Disponibles au Catalogue.

    Cet ouvrage s adresse aux personnes qui ont dj une base de russe mais qui dsirent consolider leurs acquis et passer la vitesse suprieure. Il aborde tous les thmes reprsentatifs de la socit russe : de la culture art, littrature, mode Toutes les sept leons, il approfondit les notions grammaticales dj connues des apprenants et explique, en les dtaillant, celles qui sont plus ardues. Difficile Rebutant Pas du tout! Les lecteurs aborderont tout cela dans la bonne humeur car notre Perfectionnement est truff d humour et de blagues caractristiques de l esprit russe. Mme les fameux aspects des verbes leur sembleront faciles d accs. Les objectifs viss : parler russe en s adaptant facilement l environnement dans lequel on volue, mieux apprhender les expressions idiomatiques, comprendre les films russes en VO, lire la presse gnraliste et spcialise, comprendre les conversations de personnes originaires de diffrentes parties de la Russie les diffrences d accent sont voques dans les remarques de prononciation. Bref, il s agit l de l ouvrage parfait pour se sentir compltement l aise dans la culture russe, la comprendre et l aimer.

    A look inside the Assimil course. Each chapter includes a brief dialogue although these grow longer as you progress and notes on content. Together with the translation that conveys the meaning of the text, a literal translation is included so that you get a feel for word order and vocabulary without needing vocabulary lists or grammar exercises.

    The lessons intentionally avoid going into great depth on grammar , instead offering a collection of simple dialogues with detailed footnotes on rules as they appear as well as notes on the culture tied to the language. How I Used Assimil I personally work through the lessons, reading the dialogues out loud before shadowing them once more along with the audio.

    I can then go back and review what I need with the text. This approach works well for my learning style, but I could understand why other learners might not be a fan of the series. The strengths of the Assimil method definitely lie in the way it offers context for what it teaches rather than word lists or grammar exercises isolated from how the language functions in day-to-day life.

    Most lessons can be completed in around an hour, so they are a manageable length. Assimil Korean includes practical and relevant phrases and vocabulary for real world situations.

    Through the course, I learned words and phrases that were incredibly useful and applicable to daily conversations.

    These included: I almost forgot! What genre of books do you read most? What time do you get off work? There was nothing to eat in the fridge, so I went out to the restaurant across the way. What kind of food do you like? I really like that Assimil jumps right in and skips the laborious introductions that span several chapters in other courses. But this also means that depending on the learner and depending on the language, the usefulness of the material in the books really varies.

    Overall, the language in the texts is relatively formal. Personally, I prefer this.

    Assimil Russian English : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    I would rather be overly formal than rudely informal. Especially with a language like Korean where honorifics are important. Assimil claim that their Sans Peine series will take learners to the B2 level according to the CEFR scale and that their Perfectionnement series will get you to the C1 level. In terms of vocabulary, it was not as thorough as I would like from a course that works through so many levels.

    For most learners, this is fine because relying on just one course or learning tool to teach you a language is never a good strategy, but it could be deceiving for those expecting an all-in-one language resource.

    I will say this: Because the Sans Peine course gets to B2 level in about 71 lessons, they quickly grow challenging. What Could be Better about Assimil? I did have some issues with the Assimil approach. The introductions and basic pleasantries were not as in-depth as I would have expected for a course aimed at beginners.

    There are some phrases that fall into this category, but the course quickly shifts into situational and culture-related dialogues. The one thing that I would really love to see added to the series would be additional relevant phrases at the end of each chapter.

    These could be phrases that might fit into the example dialogue and they would serve two beneficial purposes. One, you could role play and swap out some of the phrases so you really get to maximise the dialogues in the book.

    App Information

    And two, you get additional vocabulary and phrases suitable to the theme of each chapter without having to figure out the grammar to piece them together yourself. Most computers no longer have a disc drive built in, so I had limited listening options. Fortunately, there is now an option to download the course with a USB key with the audio.

    Finally, the selection of Assimil courses available to English speakers is relatively small in comparison to their overall catalogue. This also makes accessibility outside of Europe somewhat difficult or more expensive. Thank you for coming, Alain!

    The Assimil Language Method: Some Thoughts

    Alain Belon: Also, if you end up downloading one, make sure it comes with the CDs. I suspect that this has something to do with old, out of print versions, which are reputedly a bit better in terms of their content. If anyone can shed some light on this, please comment.

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    I got my hands on an old French version of the Russian Assimil books — these are awesome! The texts are just great, and they build up in difficulty pretty comfortably.

    Very impressed. Linguistics The Assimil Language Method: Some Thoughts 8 min read April 14, Share.

    Here are some pros and cons: Having the English translation next to you all the time is something that is both useful and dangerous. However, the danger is there that you may come out of an Assimil book with a better sense of translating than really thinking in the language, depending upon how much you rely on the translations. I stop developing my reading comprehension skills when I just jump to the readily available translation.

    You can and probably should skip them.

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